Classic Sleeveless Casual Tank - Black

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The sleeveless casual shirt accentuates the serratus and defined shoulder muscularity. A unique Neverhome design that takes style to the streets with its nature intended to embrace and enrapture. A signature Neverhome product.

This well rounded, high quality sleeveless casual shirt has been trialled and tested through wear and tear conditions to guarantee product longevity. Individual performance quality has been conducted in conditional and controlled environments.

Fabric + features
100% cotton.
Smoothly knitted with the finest yarn available for unbeatable quality
Cut off at the peak of the muscular deltoid. 
Slightly loosely fitted for a casual look and free comfortable feel.
Low cut on the sides to conservatively show outer pectoralis and serratus.

Fit + function
Designed for: Everyday use (both gym apparel and casual wear, personal occasions)
Fabric(s): 100% cotton
Fit: Slightly loose fit
Length: Upper quadriceps