MH Series (Standard Stringer) - Black

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MH Series (Standard Stringer)

The Neverhome MH Series takes ‘Muscle Hypertrophy’ (MH), the increase in size of skeletal muscle through an increase in the size of its component cells and introduces their own range of extremely calculated singlets. This is a singlet that appreciates hard work and consistency, a singlet that reveals the tireless effort put day in and day out. The MH Series stands for muscular and mental strength. 

The MH Series is an iconic timeless design. Through high quality cotton fabric, the MH Series has been trialled and tested through wear and tear conditions to guarantee product longevity. Individual performance quality has been conducted in conditional and controlled environments.

Fabric + features
100% cotton.
Smoothly knitted with the finest yarn available for unbeatable quality
Cut & tailored for exposure of the shoulders, arms, back & chest areas.
Slightly loosely fitted for maximal moveability.

Fit + function
Designed for: Everyday use (both gym apparel and casual wear)
Fabric(s): 100% cotton
Fit: Slightly loose fit
Length: Waist