Neverhome Full Episode 5

Here's a breakdown of the topics discussed in this segment of the podcast:

  1. Strategies for calf growth.
  2. Benefits of adjusting macros on training vs. non-training days.
  3. Minimum body fat percentage needed to retain gains effectively.
  4. Tips for controlling stomach size and maintaining a small waist.
  5. Training without proper nutrition before morning workouts.
  6. Duration to work with a coach before starting a competition prep.
  7. Motivation strategies for training when energy and motivation are low.
  8. Potential introduction of guests on the podcast.
  9. Effects of cutting on strength and optimal training approach (pump vs. heavy).
  10. Health markers checked in blood tests and their significance.
  11. Typical sleep schedule.
  12. Financial advice on saving after each paycheck.
  13. Thoughts on RIR (Reps in Reserve) as a training metric.

These topics provide practical insights into fitness, nutrition, motivation, financial planning, and sleep habits, catering to listeners interested in enhancing various aspects of their lifestyles and training regimes.