Neverhome has a new major shareholder!

Summary of the topics covered in this podcast segment:

Harry and Johnny go over how Harry has got to where he is, what drove him and how he kept pushing with a relentless and never compromise, never give up attitude in life.

The goals and vision they have of taking Neverhome to the number 1 active wear brand in Australia, the retail store and how they can help inspire everyone to live an active, healthy and happy life!

1:08 - What does Harry do?
9:20 - Harry and Johnny link up with Neverhome
15:05 - Life adversities for Harry moving to Australia as a student
24:40 - Harry gives Johnny advice on who he spends time or associates with
28:05 - Harry's life changing text to Johnny
33:00 - Johnny get's stabbed and how it drove him
40:22 - Harry drifts Porsches in Mongolia
47:40 - Neverhomes first store - 10 Station walk Brighton