Johnny Starr & Scott Slaman Q&A EPISODE 9

Here's a breakdown of the topics discussed in this segment of the podcast:

Fitness and Health:

  1. Concerns after falling off diet during a long-term dieting period.
  2. Thoughts on high rep ranges (30-50 reps) for muscle growth.
  3. Addressing jealousy from significant others due to attention received for being in shape.
  4. Running T3 without T4 and its implications.
  5. Safety of running low-dose Testosterone (150-200mg) year-round.
  6. Recommended leg machines for building size.
  7. Optimal exercise order for a posterior day to prioritize lagging back muscles.
  8. How competitors grow during calorie deficits between competitions.
  9. Impact of adding untracked foods like lettuce and pickles during prep.
  10. Necessity of a maintenance phase after bulking before a mini cut.
  11. Importance and tracking of sodium and potassium balance for health and performance.

Neverhome (Business Segment):

  1. Balancing full-time real estate, training, content creation, and managing Neverhome.
  2. Lessons learned from the Adidas situation and their implications.
  3. Key takeaways from running a business, both positive and negative.
  4. Criteria for selecting influencers to collaborate with.
  5. Choice of company for manufacturing clothing.
  6. Plans for restocking shorts and introducing casual cut t-shirts and singlets.
  7. What distinguishes Neverhome from other active wear brands.
  8. Strategy and challenges in entering the competitive women's active wear market.
  9. Demand for oversized bulking apparel and future plans.
  10. Approach to graphic design for apparel mock-ups.
  11. Reflections on what could have been done differently when starting the business.