Sunday Night Live John & Scott Episode 7

Summary of the topics covered in this podcast segment:

Vaping: Johnny talks about his past with vaping and why he quit.

Overcoming Post-Show Blues: Tips on managing emotions after a competition.

Using HCG: Discusses using HCG to maintain fertility during steroid use.

Cardio During Bulking: Benefits and recommendations for including cardio in a bulk.

Daily Multivitamins: Advice on choosing a good men's multivitamin.

Improving Digestion: Tips for better digestion while bulking.

Returning After Injury: Strategies for safely returning to training post-injury.

Off-Season Body Fat: Ideal body fat percentage during off-season for bodybuilders.

Veggie Intake: Importance of vegetables for micronutrients.

DHB (Dihydroboldenone): Pros and cons of using this steroid.

Abs Development: Tips for achieving defined abs.

Exercise Per Muscle Group: Discussion on the number of exercises needed.

Organic vs Regular Foods: Differences and considerations.

Fat and Carb Meals: Impact on fat gain.

Neverhome Updates: Updates on Johnny's brand and recent business challenges.