Sunday night Q&A, Johnny Starr and Scott Slaman

In this episode of their Sunday night Q&A, Johnny Starr and Scott Slaman cover a wide range of topics:

  1. Their journey into content creation and collaboration.
  2. Personal fears and challenges, including managing a growing client base.
  3. Insights on health and fitness, including strategies for recovery and natural test boosters.
  4. Personal life choices, financial management, and future plans.
  5. Fitness tips like deloading during cuts and supplementation advice.
  6. Lifestyle choices like managing partying and cheat meals.
  7. Personal favorites like audiobooks and marriage plans.
  8. Practical health tips such as Omega-3 supplementation and handling diet restrictions with partners.
  9. Fitness tactics such as cardio during bulking and adjustments when falling sick during prep.