SUNDAY NIGHT Q AND A EP02 - Johnny Starr & Scott Slaman

In this podcast episode, Johnny Starr and Scott Slaman cover a wide array of topics:

  1. Determining whether to stay natural or consider enhancements.
  2. Personal emotions and vulnerability, including the last time Johnny cried.
  3. Launching a pre-workout product and the process of finding clothing manufacturers.
  4. Education and advice on Tren usage, including dos and don'ts.
  5. Favorite countries they've visited and why.
  6. Insights into how some women can eat 3000 calories and stay lean.
  7. Worst advice they've received.
  8. Reflections on the meaning of life.
  9. Balancing personal disclosure, such as discussing past drug addiction in a podcast.
  10. Their musical preferences and favorite hobbies.
  11. Real estate income potential and average earnings.
  12. Managing cardio intensity for bodybuilding and recovery optimization.
  13. Recommendations for beginner-friendly pre-workout supplements.
  14. Approaches to adjusting calories post-long deficit, including maintenance vs. reverse dieting.
  15. Considerations for Metformin dosage.
  16. Thoughts on training methodologies like push-pull-legs and German volume training.
  17. The importance of deadlifts for bodybuilding and alternatives like hex bar deadlifts.
  18. Insights into Deca usage and recommendations for mini-cuts.
  19. Personal cutting macros and strategies.
  20. Dealing with toxic relationships, particularly with women.
  21. Preferences between bro splits and push-pull-legs for muscle growth.

This episode offers a comprehensive dive into fitness, health, personal development, and lifestyle choices, providing listeners with practical insights and candid discussions on each topic.