SUNDAY NIGHT Q AND A EP03 - Johnny Starr & Scott Slaman

In this podcast episode, Johnny Starr and Scott Slaman delve into a variety of intriguing topics:

  1. Johnny's background and the origins of his impressive genetics.
  2. Thoughts on Zyzz and his relationship with Chestbrah.
  3. Future plans for the Neverhome brand.
  4. Discussions about the most effective cycle Johnny has experienced.
  5. Detailed insights into Johnny's ab routine.
  6. Rest intervals between sets and their variation across different muscle groups.
  7. The importance of mobility work in their training regimen.
  8. Debates on calorie versus protein intake when bulking for muscle mass.
  9. Structuring meals for bulking effectively.
  10. Training strategies and specific focus on traps, including potential video content.
  11. Scott creating an ideal training split for Johnny's desired physique.
  12. Endurance and pain thresholds during intense training sessions.
  13. Johnny's cheat meal preferences.
  14. Effective time management strategies, especially with back-to-back client appointments.
  15. Their personal motivations and reasons ("why") for their fitness journeys.
  16. Aspirations for personal improvement.
  17. Thoughts on training with followers for compensation.
  18. Favorite chest exercises and thoughts on bench pressing.
  19. Protein requirements for male bodybuilders.
  20. Holding phases post-competition or off-season and their necessity.
  21. Optimizing training frequency for muscle growth.
  22. Insights into prolonged fasting and suffering for results.
  23. Role models in bodybuilding during their younger years.
  24. Perspectives on Melatonin usage.
  25. When they last ate at McDonald's.
  26. Reasons for Johnny driving a Camry.

This episode provides a deep dive into fitness, personal growth, lifestyle choices, and expert tips for listeners looking to enhance their training and overall well-being.