Here’s a structured breakdown of the topics discussed in the podcast:

Whether to adjust diet during injury when unable to train.

Strategies for cutting fat while preserving muscle mass.

Thoughts on the use of IGF-1.

Approaches to rebounding effectively after a cutting phase.

Adjusting calories during a growth phase when visual progress is evident.

Insights on using Testosterone and Masteron for cutting.

Considerations and opinions on finasteride.

Comparing micro dosing versus single dosing.

Impact of training to failure on subsequent performance.

Thoughts on semaglutide for health and fitness.

Monitoring left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) from PED usage.

Opinions on Andrew Tate.

Best cardio exercises.

Designing a time-efficient 4-day split for busy individuals.

Tips for developing quad sweep.

Recommended TRT dosage during a cruise phase.

Descriptions of being in contest shape and its challenges.

Updates on Neverhome's new stock release and a tribute to Boris Milat.